What is a spiritual awakening?

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What is a spiritual awakening?

When we hear the words “spiritual awakening”, we tend to think of major social or religious figures such as Jesus, Gandhi, or Dalai Lama, figures that we perceive as perfect.

However, in order to reach a spiritual awakening, you don’t have to be flawless or lead a highly spiritual life. You can be a flawed person, but try to spread positivity, improve yourself, and help others.

Deepak Chopra explained spiritual awakening as aligning your being with reality, filtering the world around you not only through your own ego but also as an objective observer.

The wave metaphor is one of the best ways to explain spiritual awakening: the wave is at the same time a wave and the ocean. It is a single unit, but part of something bigger. A spiritual awakening means that you have reached a stage of enlightenment where you are connected with the world around you and you can simultaneously observe the big picture in a detached way.


What are the signs of a spiritual awakening?

What defines an enlightened individual? As we explained above, it doesn’t have to be someone flawless, like a spiritual leader. It can be any person who takes the time to meditate, strive for knowledge, and let go of selfish endeavours.

These are the 10 most common signs that you have gained clarity and reached a spiritual awakening:

  1. You are able to notice your own negative patterns and destructive behaviour, as well as the reasons that cause them.
  2. You feel connected with the world around you. You are present in your family, in your community and, at a grander scale, you care about the environment and take active steps to help the planet.
  3. You are aware of every living being and care about it. For example, you catch and release spiders or flies, not kill them.
  4. You are able to let go of personal attachments. You don’t define yourself through the clothes you wear, the car you drive, or your social circle.
  5. You are at peace with yourself and react to negative events with calm and patience.
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