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Khadija  Psychic, Energy Healer & Angel Card Reader in London

Location: London

Have you ever wanted to connect to your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and those who have passed on? Are you at a point in your life where you feel lost or alone and don’t know which way to turn? As a multi-dimensional healer and clairvoyant, I can help connect you to those across the ethereal planes and help you find the answers you seek. 

Welcome to my page, my name is Khadija, a Psychic, Angelic Channel, Medium, Angel Card Reader and a certified Energy Healer based in London. 

I have been working as a Psychic, angelic channel, angel card reader and a Medium for 4 years professionally and I’ve been a Certified energy healer for over 2 years.  

I studied and qualified at The College of Psychic Studies in London and moreover, I have been able to see, sense and feel spirits and energies from other dimension from an early age. 

I connect with Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirits, Ascended Masters and ET to bring you lovely guidance and spiritual healing. 

As a trained energy healer, I use various techniques to help balance, restore, mind, body and soul.  

I use a mixture of energy and talking techniques, with no side effects at all. I can analyse and work with thought patterns. I use Emotional Freedom Technique and I also use Stress Management Techniques. 

I know the importance of a clear, peaceful mind; a mind which is cluttered, filled with resentment and dark thoughts, is akin to a messy house – one cannot relax in it. As a healer and a channeller I am empathetic, compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental. My only desire is to help you heal and become the very best of yourself. 

Blessings, Khadija 


  • Spiritual Medium / Psychic Readings.
  • Energy Healing.
  • Angel Card Readings



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