Specialist Areas: Shamanic Healer, Astrologist, Private Yoga Instructor

Location: London

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Hello, I’m Ann-Louise and I am an astrologer and shamanic healer based in London, as well as a private yoga teacher. Each of these spiritual disciplines informs the other, so if I see an Astrology client, I sometimes give them homeopathy; and if someone comes to see me for some shamanic healing, I often do their personal chart reading to help even more.

I’ve been practicing shamanic homeopathy for 9 years and I’m also trained in Dreaming Shadow shamanic techniques which I combine for my clients and patients and I encourage the energetic body to aid the physical to enable you to have abundance, fulfilled relationships and live the life you want to lead.

I trained under a master Astrologer which taught me how this ancient wisdom can help encourage the soul’s journey to flourish, highlighting your path ahead.

I’ve been a yoga instructor for over 10 years, teaching privately in London now, instructing in a style that empowers my clients to create a personal practice that is right for them with the flexibility to change & develop depending on what they need.

I look at patients or clients with a holistic view of mind, body, heart and soul and am not fixed to only one discipline for treatment or therapy, since I can see that ill health comes from emotional and spiritual blocks and I like to use different tools to enable people to free themselves for better health and happiness.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with good health & spiritual happiness.

Love and blessings, Ann-Louise


– Astrology Consultations & Personal Chart Readings
– Shamanic Healing (Homeopathy)
– Private Yoga Lessons in my home
– Private Yoga Lessons in your home (NW1, NW3, NW10, NW6, N6, W10, W11, W2 & surrounding areas)



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