Specialist Areas: Awareness Coaching, Oracle Card Reading, Theta Healing & Guided Meditation in London

Location: London, EC3R

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Do you feel that there’s something in your daily life that is holding you back? Maybe you feel that your heart is broken or you need some help getting you back on the right track?

Hello, I’m Alex and I’m here to help you. I am an Awareness Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner and Oracle Card Reader based in London.

Through my skills, my awareness and intuition I help people to overcome challenges in life, by highlight limiting beliefs that stop their life from experiencing harmony, abundance and flow to replace them with empowering beliefs, synchronicities and grace.

I came from a career in finance, so I know about the stress and pressures that can be created by demanding situations and my first step into a more spiritual life was to become an Awareness Coach and Guided Meditation teacher, both of which I’ve been studying for over 2 years, and now I am also a qualified Theta Healing Practitioner based within London.

I combine complementary skills such as coaching with intuition and healing in everything I do. Whether it is to look at physical ailments, finding a soul mate, overcoming a broken heart, living with a loss, development self-confidence or any other issues which are negatively affecting your daily life, I am here to help you.

My Mindfulness Meditation therapy is a great way to relax and find the more peaceful inner-you from the comfort of your own home.

My Oracle Card Remote Reading is an empowerment tool for you, it is not about predicting your future, it is about creating your future!

I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing what I have learned in order to help you on your own spiritual and emotional journey.

Love and blessings, Alex


  • Awareness Coaching – 1 Hour.
  • Theta Healing – 1 Hour.
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation – 45 minutes.
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation – 5 x45 Minute Sessions.
  • Remote Oracle Card Reading.



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