Rock Crystal Pendulum with Chakra crystals


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Luxurious pendulum with 1. Amethyst, 2. Rose Quartz, 3. Rock-Crystal, 4. Green Aventurine, 5. Golden Quartz, 6. Carnelian, 7. Red Jasper.

The pendulum is a dowsing tool use it to help you connect with your higher self so you can make the best decision in your life by asking a question

used in almost all areas of life.

The pendulum has been used since antiquity, for example, to determine the sex of the unborn child, for causes of diseases for different clearing and finding lost items.

More and more people use pendulum for prediction, but really you can expect reliable and accurate results if do it for yourself.

Make sure your pendulum is cleansed often, at least after each use.

Size: 3-4 cm

Weight: 16 g

In a nice velvet bag

2 in stock



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