Orgone Pendant Flower of life


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Orgone Pendant with Flower of Life Symbol

Orgone Crystals are the most powerful mixture of crystals, spiritual tools that transform Universal Life Form Energy (Chi) into a strong positive energy that will benefit each area of your energies; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. The orgone pendant is specially made to balance your energy field (aura). By wearing the orgone pendant you can become calmer, experience less stress and keep energies of other people away. Contains Herkimer crystal that helps purifying electromagnetic radiation

This Citrine is the stone of wealth, brings the sunshine into our lives. Also attracts financial wealth and abundance and increases self-esteem. Able to drive away bad thoughts, the deficit being, the negative attitude. The solar plexus chakra and throat chakra is associated with it, provide great help with these areas, especially when your body indicates that these energy centres are not working well. The solar plexus chakra carries creativity, self-expression and power, success with healthy attitudes. The citrine clears the throat chakra helps to tell thoughts, grievances that are gnawing us for a long time. People used to have Citrine in their purse to never run out of banknote and tinkling coins.

In order to activate the orgone pendant hold it at least for 20 seconds in your hands.

Ladies really like it as it makes the skin, nails and hair beautiful.

Made of gemstone chips (citrine), copper, acrylic

The pendant comes in a box with a leaflet in five languages.

Supplied with 1 meter waxed cord of 1 mm.

Size: 4 cm

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Sandstone with Lotus symbol

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