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  • Tuscany is one of Italy’s most charming regions, a place where nature, art, culture, and…
    Tuscany is one of Italy’s most charming regions, a place where nature, art, culture, and architecture blend together and offer one of the most beautiful experiences you could have as a tourist. It’s a region of slow living, where the gentle hills of Tuscany inspire you to meditate, leave your worries behind, and reconnect with yourself.   During this 5-day spiritual retreat in Tuscany, you will be in the company of likeminded souls and, guided by mindfulness coach Alex Vitillo, you will get a chance to reconnect with nature and expand your soul. The retreat takes you on a spiritual journey through one of Tuscany’s most beautiful cities: the city of Arezzo, whose charming streets you’ve seen in the movie La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful.). Unlike bigger cities in Tuscany, Arezzo is not packed with tourists, so you will be able to slow down, focus on meditation, get back in touch with your inner self and immerse yourself in the beauty of the land.

    What to expect

    We welcome both men and women to this unique spiritual retreat in Italy. Whether you’ve been on a retreat before or you’re a newcomer, you will make you feel comfortable in a safe environment and guide you on a path to mindfulness and self-healing.
    • Guided meditation and silent walks
    • Spiritual healing sessions
    • Group sharing with like-minded people
    • Beautiful walks to admire nature
    • Healthy, organic meals from local produce (vegan options available)
    • Time for sightseeing and exploring the local culture
    • Create lasting bonds with people from all over the world
    This retreat is focused on mindfulness, rediscovering the beauty of simple things, and being free from technology. In these five days, you will learn to be present in the moment, be in the flow, and enjoy life without looking at your phone. Reconnect with Mother Earth, and experience the lifechanging benefits of the dolce far niente lifestyle.  

    Is this retreat for you?

    • Do you feel overwhelmed by the chaotic rhythm of city life and want to slow down?
    • Are you physically and emotionally drained by your job and daily responsibilities?
    • Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with your true self and need some time to re-centre?
    • Does living your life on social media cause stress and anxiety?
    • Do you want to take a major life decision and are looking for spiritual guidance?
    • Do you want to step outside your comfort zone and get rid of self-sabotaging habits?
    If you answered yes, this Tuscan retreat is the perfect occasion to invest in yourself while at the same time discovering one of Italy’s most beautiful regions.
    • 15% discount for couples
    • Follow-up session with Alex Vitillo included in the package
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